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Facebook Monetize

Facebook Monetize! Gently turn your Followers, Like and View into Cash. Facebook declared several updates aimed to benefit top content creators and influencers better manage their visible presence and monetize both Facebook and Instagram content. It’s uncomplicated to see why video drives higher engagement rates, causing people to spend more time on the video platform and wisely keep them coming back persistently to watch videos. Video drives higher engagement rates, for a notable example, look at YouTube’s enormous success. Despite Facebook having nearly a billion more active users but people are spending more time on the YouTube platform. Noticing this shift to video-content, Facebook also started to focus on its video content offering for both Facebook and Instagram users.

At PIQUED Digital Media, A Digital marketing Agency in Chennai, we have experimented largely on these rules and policies, below extent of the article highlights our inference and learnings from the same.

Last year, Instagram launched IGTV (Instagram Television) in possible hopes to get video creators who have an active presence on both YouTube and Instagram to start posting their video content within IGTV. Now additionally, Facebook had made efforts to expand its watch content to commit people to spend more time on YouTube.

YouTube offers significantly more opportunities to increase your audience and monetize your content. For Facebook to challenge in a similar space as YouTube in terms of dedicated video engagement, the platform is offering more opportunities for the video creator to differentiate themselves.

Facebook’s creator Studio is a platform that allows creators to energetically manage to post, monetize content and interaction with followers in one centralized location. Based on user feedback, Facebook rolled out an enormous range of widely requested monetization.

All New Monetization Section

Facebook is establishing productive steps to help video creators and publishers to monetize content. It is simultaneously concentrating to naturally drive an enormous audience to watch, the site’s videos hub with original content. This recent feature generously allows creators to view and professionally manage all monetization assets in one simple platform. It enthusiastically supports the creators to view their monthly earnings, earnings per post and eligible for monetization. Facebook provided access to the Ad Breaks for more creators (in the US). This completed Monetization section is established for the creators who are creating longer, original content that encourages audience engagement and retention.

Audience Retention Insights

You may not believe it, but influencers and content creators depend on analytics as much as marketers do to increase their following and engage existing fans. Now, Facebook is presenting new insight to the creators to understand their demographics, user behaviour, User interest and how long audiences spend watching their videos.

Check Your Monetization Eligibility Status

There are a few alternative ways to make money from the content you post on Facebook. To be eligible your entire page and its content must adhere to the below rules for monetization. Your page needs to follow 3 Main sets of rules to be eligible to monetize your content on Facebook:


This rule applies to the content. This includes rules against sexual, graphics, violent and criminal content. However, content appropriate for Facebook, in general, is not necessarily for monetization. To make money from their content creators and publishers need to observe that Partner Monetisation Policies and Content Monetisation Policies.


This rule is typically imposed at the page level and addresses the behaviour of your page as a whole, including the rules for the content you create for your page, how the content is shared and how your page receives and makes online payments. These rules apply to behaviours, Pages, and Payments.


Facebook is a place where people feel empowered to communicate, and we take our role seriously in keeping abuse off our service. Community standards outline what is and are not allowed on Facebook. This policy is based on the feedback about public safety, technology, and human rights. The goal is to create a place for expression and give people a voice. Empowering the community and bringing the world closer together depends on people’s ability to share diverse thoughts, experiences, ideas, and information.

Options for Ad breaks
• Mid-roll ad breaks (appears during the video)
• Pre-roll ad breaks (appears before the video begins)
• In-place, where people go to watch videos, like search or watch list
• Non-Interruptive images to appear below videos without stopping the content

However, Facebook’s algorithm will decide which format a best suit each video based on who is viewing it and the type of content.

Check your Ad Break’s eligibility.

Learn whether you can use ad break in your videos and this is applicable to pages where the public videos in certain languages and countries.

• You should pass and remain compliant with Facebook’s Partner Monetisation Policies.
• Your Facebook Page should maintain at least 10,000 followers.
• Must be at least 18 years old.
• You must live in an ad break an eligible country.
Final Thought

However, Social media platforms are quickly realizing the audience's behaviour and thoughts and adding new video features isn’t enough to establish their website the new go-to source for video entertainment. Social media is encouraging users to produce content and creators to enjoy a presence on social platforms with features that drive added value to them outside of what they’re already receiving.

We PIQUED Digital media are always learning new ways to get through the muddle and offer marketing guidelines to the business in town. Check out our blog page for more such Insights