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Power of Contextual Marketing

In the days of Digital Hyper-evolution, online advertising as grown from being just another medium to a more reliable source of business & advertisement. With this evolution comes the in-evitable next step - Going Contextual. Although its existence has been debated for several years, its evident now that contextual advertising has WAY MORE Advantages than its non-contextual counterparts.

Facebook Monetize

Facebook Monetize! Gently turn your Followers, Like and View into Cash. Facebook declared several updates aimed to benefit top content creators and influencers better manage their visible presence and monetize both Facebook and Instagram content. It’s uncomplicated to see why video drives higher engagement rates, causing people to spend more time on the video platform and wisely keep them coming back persistently to watch videos. Video drives higher engagement rates, for a notable example, look at YouTube’s enormous success.

Google Feature Updates

Google is more than just a search engine because now a day Google includes a bunch of extras ranging useful tools for the audience and making their work simpler. Not everything works, but Google never stops trying. Over here are six new advance features updates that are rolling out now for Google’s app and devices.