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Google Feature Updates

Google is more than just a search engine because now a day Google includes a bunch of extras ranging useful tools for the audience and making their work simpler. Not everything works, but Google never stops trying.

Over here are six new advance features updates that are rolling out now for Google’s app and devices.

Update #1 Recognize the performance changes with information

Grasping why your ad performance changes when you optimizing a campaign. However, when we checked this on our PIQUED Server, it takes time to investigate why your campaign metric is fluctuating. Google had launched an update to understand the performance changes that are happening in your campaign and tips for running your ad group faster. Along with the update, it makes you about how to spend more time focusing on optimization and less time investigating performance issues. Every so often we have a doubt why the impression rate is doping for our campaign day by day; you can just click on the “See Explanations” button on your campaign in the comparison mode.

Things to keep in mind before looking into explanations

  • Explanations are presently available for manual CPC or eCPC search campaigns.
  • It can compare with two time periods of equal length within the last 90 days.
  • It shows only for the campaigns with a significant change in the performance.

Update #2 Optimization score is now included in Display campaigns

Optimization score and recommendation maintains the most effective actions to increase performance in your account. Advertisers who are trying to increases their account level optimization score can see a 10% increase in their conversions, on average. This update will now include the Display campaign as well-meaning that you can see and act on optimization score for search, Display, and shopping. Just like Search and shopping, you can start to optimize the display ad. This update will also support you to determine the separate scores for Search, Display and Shopping at the campaign level, and one combined score at the account level.

Update #3 Keyword planners: Multiple Plans & Plan sharing

The keyword planner remains a valuable tool to discover or acquire ideas for new keywords. It hasn’t always been easy to share your ideas on new keyword plans when some require them. Now Google bought up an update to create, save and share plans directly within Keyword Planner. However, you can create separate plans for each product line and share them directly with others for feedback, all without leaving a Keyword Planner.

Update #4 Gains more insight into your bid strategy

Smart Bidding supports you push performance for your ad. This conveys you more transparency into the factors that are driving the performance and provide the insights for marketing strategy. This update deals with the signals for the campaign using the target CPA and the Maximize conversions on a search campaign. This signal includes location, Keyword, Day of the week.

Update #5Google Ads Editor v1.2 with cross-account features

This features support for new campaign types and updates to multi-account management. This update supports App campaigns for engagement and Discovery campaigns. It improves you to create and edit the campaign type at the scalar within the Editor. This update even made easier to share your existing negative keyword lists across accounts by applying them to the shared library within the editor. If you discover an item with a specific error in the editor, it can be time-consuming to seek all the places where the issue occurred. To correct these errors faster, you can now search for them across campaigns and accounts.

Update#6 Embedded cloud search in your new Google sites

Cloud search integration is been implemented on Google site. Adding a cloud search to your Google site will give site viewers a more impressive search, allowing them to find content across other Google sites. Search results are available for the site viewers directly with their new Google site itself.

Basis our regular at the headquarters of PIQUED Digital Media – a marketing agency in Chennai, we checked the above information and concur that these were latest update Google has announced. I hope these updates might be useful to improve your business.