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If you are Exhausted of Companies Peddling you websites that are Run of the Mill and look Plastic, then your search ends Here. We build Web Properties that reflect the essence of your Brand.

Web Development in the Past Decade has undergone an Interesting Evolution. It has evolved from freelancers forte into an automated assembly line of Templates. These days the Web has completely pervaded the Commercial Sphere. Hence, the Web Devlopment has evolved into its next stage. It takes the Sophistication and Expertise of an Agency to stand out from the ever increasing Congestion of the Web World. The online attention has rapidly nose-dived and it becomes all the more Imperative to let the experts handle your interface on the Internet.

Web Development Agency

Piqued, as a Digital Marketing Company believes in the power of Agile practices in the realm of both Web Development and Marketing. We believe it adds a lot of value to our customers that we can consistently improve while meeting Deadlines Religiously.

Our team of Web Development experts are constantly on their toes trying to offer you the cutting edge of today’s Internet. Web Development creates website that reflects your Brand from its Heart. The Landing Pages, designing which has become a nuanced battle in the Wild Wide Web, are an interesting challenge that the agency focuses specifically. The Mobile App Market has boomed exponentially in the last decade so much so that even tiny parameters make a significant in the final output.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages are crucial interface that directly impacts your Return of Investment. Even Marketing Campaigns run online with an expansive budget can go blunt if the landing page is uninspiring. Misplaced pop-ups and low latency new windows can make the spearhead of the campaigns go bust in a fraction of a second. Therefore, Landing Pages are a short but intense window to your marketing campaigns that go a long way in determining the success of your endeavor. And higher the value of the ticket, more critical becomes the value of a well-designed Landing Page. We relish using modern techniques such as Heat Maps and Persuasive Design Thinking that can almost corral user experience and spike efficiency as a result.