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Power of Contextual Marketing

In the days of Digital Hyper-evolution, online advertising as grown from being just another medium to a more reliable source of business & advertisement. With this evolution comes the in-evitable next step - Going Contextual.

Although its existence has been debated for several years, its evident now that contextual advertising has WAY MORE Advantages than its non-contextual counterparts. To all the people who are new, it is a form of online promotion where ads shown on sites that are related to the content of the website. For example, if you visit a site that has to do with hair care, you are bound to see hair or its related advertisements displayed on the webpage. Earlier, the publisher had a choice to whether they wanted to adopt contextual advertising but now-a-days, its has been a part of almost all the ad network policies, where they give preference to contextual advertisements, if the inventory for the same is available.

You may ask, how is it important to a BUSINESS, BIG or small?

Well, its simple! Contextual ads have higher odds of connecting with the right TG thereby giving better chance of conversion for the advertiser. Let me clarify that with an example. Imagine your ad on LASER HAIR REMOVAL therapy is shown on Car review website which talks about "Tips on how to tune your engines for speed". What are the odds that the users on landing on this webpage would convert for your LASER HAIR REMOVAL ad?

Viz. imagine if the same ad is shown in a forum where users interact regarding their unwanted facial hair.

That's the power of Contextual advertising! And we, PIQUED Digital Media, have tested its benefits time and again for our several of clients across horizontal & verticals. Some of the best ROI output was achieved in verticals like ELECTRONICS, REAL-ESTATE and MEDICAL NEEDS. In these verticals, higher the context, the better the chances of getting the users converted. Our reasoning behind it - the bigger the ticket size, the more benefit the client yields with contextual advertising.

Thats good to hear but Which platforms enable Contextual advertising?

Well almost all the top platforms know the power of contextual marketing and have enabled them in different ways. Below are the details of a few top platforms and how have they enabled contextual marketing:

  • Google: Remarketing, Display marketing, SMART Ads
  • Facebook: Reach & Engagement ads boosted with remarketing audiences
  • Search ads: 3rd party search networks on engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo

We, at PIQUED Digital Media – Digital marketing agency from Chennai, India, have recently tested the above tactics on our ad networks. Our tests ran on the above 3 platforms yielded 3X ROI when we chose to go with the above combination than the usual standalone ad variation strategies. Covering the combinations, will itself take multiple articles, so based on the response to this article, we will get into the depths of the "Power of contextual marketing" in the next series.