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SEO is perhaps the earliest Digital Marketing Avenue. It also remains to this date, one of the fundamental exercise in your Digital Marketing Endeavour.Search Engines Especially Google know that people are always on the lookout for gaining an advantage in their Search Results. Therefore, they constantly upgrade the Search Algorithm.It takes SEO expertise to keep up with the changes and flourish in the Search Engine within the admissible framework.It takes SEO expertise to keep up with the changes and flourish in the Search Engine within the admissible framework

SEO Company in Chennai

At PIQUED, the leading SEO company in chennai we are engaged in the constantly evolving SEO landscape to deliver you a premium SEO service. The desired rankings, website traffic and conversions will enhance your business. Our engineers conduct site audits to understand the keywords of your website targets, the quality of the content on the website, and internal linking strategies to identify required changes to improve your SEO performance.


Every SEO Project needs to have a sound strategy as its foundation. Our SEO strategist can design the most apt and free flowing SEO strategy that is tailored particularly to your business. We are allergic towards packaged services. We believe in Tailor-Made Digital Approach.

  • Iterative and Evolving strategies.
  • Tiered Structure that can be scaled to any limit
  • Synchronous attitude towards other Digital Assets.
  • Agile Approach

SEO- A Necessity in The Digital Age

There is a common misconception about SEO outside the Tech and Marketing World, that it is required only for E-commerce and Retail Businesses. Well, if you feel that your customer/audience should know about your Brand/Product/Service or Even your Industry from your sources then you need Search Engine Optimization. In the Age of Googling everything, every Rank in the Search Page for terms Relevant to your Business is a virtual step on the ladder. The difference between being featured on the First Page and any other page is often the difference between Being Seen and Being Lost, from the customer’s point of view.

Our SEO professionals Do Not go by offering packaged, repetitive SEO service. We do not offer Run on the Mill services. First we focus on delivering your SEO strategy with our best experts on the job.

PIQUED - Your Content Strategizer

Next, we turn our Focus towards content. Every piece of content about your Business anywhere on the Internet, needs to be re-looked and optimized if need be. Then we begin creating content that is consistent in Tone and Objective of your Brand while also being valuable in your SEO endeavor.

Timely Reports and Actionable Metrics can then point towards the progress that we continue to make in advancing the best interest of your business. These metrics are drawn from Analytics that help us Optimize the Digital Marketing Strategy in accordance with the Market Dynamics.